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Onze op maat gemaakte keerwanden kunnen zowel op vlakke als hellende oppervlakken worden gebouwd. Al het houtmateriaal voor onze keermuren wordt op een duurzame manier geproduceerd en komt uit de Schotse Hooglanden. Elk BlocX ™ bouwelement wordt professioneel behandeld en onder hoge druk geïmpregneerd in de WoodBlocX zagerij waar ons productieteam de kwaliteit van elk onderdeel waarborgt vóór verzending. Meer lezen...
€ 51,00


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* Selecteer 'Zachte grond' voor gras en aarde
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* Als je op zachte grond bouwt, bevat jouw kit grondpennen om je structuur aan de grond te bevestigen - dit zijn 400 mm gegalvaniseerde stalen spikes die door de eerste laag van je ontwerp gaan.

** Als je op harde grond bouwt, bevat jouw kit hoekbeugels om je structuur aan de grond te bevestigen - dit zijn L-vormige beugels van gegalvaniseerd staal met schroeven die in de eerste laag van jouw ontwerp worden bevestigd. Je hebt een geschikte bevestiging nodig om de beugel aan jouw type harde ondergrond te bevestigen.

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Gratis Levering
Vanaf 500€

Bestel vandaag voor levering vanaf woensdag 11 oktober 2023

€ 51,00


    Learn more about WoodBlocX retaining walls

    Use our calculator to design straight, L-shape and C-shape wall designs. If you can't create your retaining wall size/style using our adjustable calculator tool, try our Free Design Service - our team is here to help you create a bespoke wall design for your garden. 

    WoodBlocX walls are designed with internal supporting buttresses for added strength, these act like ‘anchors’ to pin your WoodBlocX structure under the retained earth and stop unwanted movement/bowing.  


    Modular brick system that’s easy to build

    Our clever wooden block system is held tightly together with recycled plastic dowels so there’s no need for any mortar, screws, nail or power tools. Each timber block is 75mm wide and 100mm high - the combination of BlocX lengths are automatically calculated for your design. 

    Your kit will include all the components you need to build your retaining wall including the finishing capping layer which has an overhang over 12.5mm on either side. You may want to add a protective liner or building tools. You will receive layer-by-layer building instructions specific to your design.


    Manufactured from pressure-treated sustainable timber

    Our retaining garden walls are made from pressure-treated Scottish pine that's built to last 15+ years when you install a liner. WoodBlocX is made from sustainably sourced timber which is rough-sawn for a natural finish. We are proud to manufacture our award-winning product at our family-owned sawmill in the Scottish Highlands.

    Every block is lightweight, cut to size and pre-drilled which makes building your wall simple, quick and fun so you can transform your garden in as little as a weekend without any heavy lifting! 

    Read our general building guide PDF to learn the tips and tricks about how to build with WoodBlocX.


    Retain earth anywhere in your garden!

    WoodBlocX can be constructed on soft and hard ground types including soil, grass, tarmac and paving so you have the freedom to retain earth anywhere in your garden. Your order will include either ground spikes or heavy-duty angle brackets (depending on your ground type) to fix your structure to the ground.

    It is extremely important to build your retaining garden wall on a level, flat and compacted surface with good drainage (we recommend hardcore). When backfilling earth behind the wall, we recommend to hand-fill only.


    The perfect alternative to sleepers, bricks and stone

    Our wooden retaining walls are far cheaper than stone, bricks, gabions or concrete. As a DIY solution that requires no specialist knowledge to build, you can save money on hiring a tradesperson and build your retaining wall design brick-by-brick yourself!

    WoodBlocX retaining walls can be built up to a height of 1.05m. For terracing, curved walls or garden walls with steps - try our Free Design Service.


    Installing a protective liner behind your retaining wall

    You must consider drainage when building your retaining wall - this is to ensure the lifespan of your structure and help prevent unwanted water pools. We sell a protective liner to be installed behind the wall and cover all buttress supports to safeguard the wood from moisture and soil contact. Liner can be hooked over the last layer of dowels before adding your finishing capping layer.  

    For most garden wall projects with well-draining soil, protecting your WoodBlocX with liner will be sufficient. For poorer draining soil, our general principle is to add a drainage layer (for example gravel) between your WoodBlocX wall and the backfilled earth to promote free drainage. Our team is here to help if you have any further questions.